“River City 21″ is an exploration of the contemporary urban landscape in Tokyo, Japan. This six minute video covers a five hour time span with time-lapse video made from hundreds of images and a meticulous and structured post-process work. Through video, still images and sound I am translating my physical experience into a flux of images to raise questions and challenge my thoughts about time/space and the potential uses of digital technology.

River City 21 is a complex of high-rise buildings on the bank of the Sumida River. Like the majority of high-rise buildings in Tokyo, it is new construction and quite distinguished compared to the majority of Tokyo residential neighborhoods which are made of single-family homes or small apartment complexes packed in small and cluttered streets.

Many people live at River City 21. As the inhabitants of this place move throughout the day and night, the bustle of the busy streets creates a perceived anonymity. With new digital technology, now available to everybody, we can easily record actions our eyes cannot perceive, including events far away from our recording device.

Installation and Video Still