“Bring Your Own Beamer” @ UICA

For this one-night exhibition, I created a multiple projector mapping made of several videos and photos shot while in Japan. On a 25-foot linear but uneven wall, I projected live scenes from Japanese life all night long, following a loose script I had in my mind but also reacting to audience interaction and interest. The videos and the photos had already been preselected and organized, but their duration, sequence, mash-up, and special effects were decided by me as the exhibition unfolded. I found this new experimental way of presenting work quite liberating, and it also helped me explore solutions for sharing different materials simultaneously while moving beyond the traditional photo framed and video on the wall. It was also the first time I had to be physically present to make my work happen. While I did create the mapping of the wall and place the projectors beforehand, I didn’t have any sort of autopilot or auto advance dictating the project’s content, so I had to select what I wanted to project from time to time. People become quite curious about what I was doing behind the computers, and this was the first time I could interact with the audience while creating the work as they experienced it.

Performance Night

Installation & Testing