About the Project

The Arizona State University (ASU) project is the result of a research grant I was awarded by the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and the University Architecture office to document existing and under construction ASU buildings.

During the period I was living in Arizona and studying at Arizona State University (2004 – 2007), the University and the State were at the peak of an economic boom and population growth. The many construction sites were a clear manifestation of a flourishing period: the idea of constant expansion was the accepted reality and the housing market was at its highest level. During this time, the University was building new dormitories and facilities in order to keep up with a fast growing demand. A demand that by the fall of 2011 would eventually bring Arizona State University to have the largest enrollment of any public university campus in the country. All of the growth that was happening around me filtered into my work as I began to explore the visual and temporal nature of urban growth.

One of the construction sites I explored in my artwork was the Tempe Center for the Arts. Due to my initial work at this location, and my fascination with places under construction, I was awarded a research grant to survey existing and new facilities of the University. Each of the photographs I created for this grant is a composite image, a combination of many photographs put together by a meticulous post-process work. Through this process I am able to offer both a visual and conceptual entry point into our shifting and changing landscape.